KIWIBOTS would not be possible without the following sponsors

Fisher Paykel Healthcare
Foundation Sponsor
Fisher & Paykel Healthcare have been a sponsor of the KIWIBOTS form the very beginning. Without their supporting the foundations of the VEX Competition in New Zealand, we would not exist
Foundation Sponsor
Glidepath's support of the VEX program in New Zealand goes back to the very start. Their continued support makes the competition possible.
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Foundation Sponsor
The American Chamber of Commerce has supported the Kiwibots from the beginning and have opened many doors for us. The contacts we have made through them over the years have helped us gain credibility in the business world.
Massey University
Foundation University
Massey started VEX in New Zealand with Smales Farm. They continue to support the program and their reputation has helped us grow in untold ways.
Royal Society

Major Sponsor
Every year the Royal Society supports the teams that qualify at our national event to go to the World Championships with a very generous grant. Without their support we would not have been able to send as many teams to the USA as we have.
Smales Farm
Foundation Sponsor
Not only does Smales Farm support the Kiwibots financially but they are the reason why the VEX competition started in New Zealand in the first space. They also graciously give us office space and space to store our stock.
Major Sponsor
SMC Pneumatics have continued to support the Kiwibots over the years and are keen to continue. We now have a custom trailer for VEX in Auckland as a result of their support.
Major Sponsor
Autodesk provide free software and training to any school that is involved in the VEX program in New Zealand. This is invaluable as those schools can allocate the funds that would have been spent on the software to their teams making them more competitive.
Major Sponsor
The Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort supports our program in Samoa and through their generous support we are able to run boot camps in Samoa once a year.
Lion Foundation
Foundation Sponsor
The gracious grants that we received from the Lion Foundation covered the cost of running our National Event and the free return flights that we are able to award each team that qualified for the World Championships.

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