World Championships

vexrwcMarking the end of a very competitive season the VEX World Championships are considered the ultimate goal of every team in the world. Over 600 teams from 25 different countries compete to obtain the title of VEX World Champions.

At the VEX World Championship; teams will play the current season's game, middle and high school teams will compete in divisions of 100 teams to find the
division champions and those winners will go on to play off to find the world champions. In order for teams to compete in the VEX World Championships; they must obtain a qualification spot by winning either a qualifying award or winning a qualifying tournament such as the New Zealand Nationals

Held in the USA the World Championships not only allow teams to compete against each other but also enable teams to interact with each other and form new friendships from around the world. This allows teams to share ideas for new robots around the world.

Another highlight from Worlds is the new game which is revealed before the final day of competiton. This allows individuals to see what they will be playing for the next season and start forming ideas for upcoming tournaments.

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