2017 New Zealand VEX Robotics EDR National Championships

The 2017 New Zealand Nationals will be held at the Massey University Albany Recreation Center from the 24th to 26th February 2017. This event is open to all teams and they are welcome to register online to attend this event. The 2017 NZ Team Handbook can be found at https://kiwibots.co.nz/handbook 



The location for this years Nationals has changed and will now be the Massey University Albany Recreation Center. Located in the center of Albany within walking distance of the Westfield mall; this venue provides a number of different advantages and can still host all of the teams. We have used this venue before for Auckland Regional and KIWIChallenge events. A map will be provided shortly in team documentation.



Friday (24th February)
13:30 - Check-in/inspection opens. Skills fields also open to inspected teams - Teams will not be permitted entry before this
17:00 - Check-in/inspection closes to all teams. Teams who are not checked in by this stage will not be allowed to compete at the Nationals.
17:30 - Skills Fields close to all teams
18:00 - Venue Closes

Saturday (25th February)
08:30 - Venue opens
09:00 - Drivers and coaches meeting
09:20 - Opening Ceremony
10:30 - Matches Start
12:25 - Lunch Break
13:25 - Matches Resume
17:06 - Matches Finish
18:00 - Venue Closes

Sunday (26th February)
08:30 - Venue Opens
09:00 - Matches Begin
11:30 - Lunch Break
12:00 - Awards and Alliance Selection - Teams must be present for this or else they will be automatically excluded from the eliminations
12:45 - Lunch Break #2
13:00 - Elimination Matches & Awards
16:30 - Event Finishes
17:00 - Venue Closes


Registration for the 2017 NZ Nationals can be completed online by going to https://kiwibots.co.nz/nationals-registration. This form must be filled out for each team that wishes to attend the Nationals.

There will be no qualification for the 2017 NZ Nationals and this is open to all teams.

Teams who are interested will need to register by 11:59pm 11th February 2017 (NZDT) to attend; teams will not be accepted after this date.


Check In & Inspection

All teams will be required to check in for the NZ Nationals between 13:30 and 17:00 on the Friday afternoon at the Recreation Centre. Teams will also be required to undergo full inspection as per the VEX Starstruck guidelines (inspection checklist is avaliable online). If teams do not complete the check in by 17:00 then they will be unable to compete at the NZ Nationals we are do not want to make it unfair on other teams without alliance partners. 

If you are unsure about making it on time for check in please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or alternatively call 09 213 6578



This year with the changes to the way skills challenges are run, the total robot skills score is calculated from the best programming skills score and the best robot (driver) skills score. KIWIBOTS will be implementing a priority queue at the 2017 NZ Nationals and each team will be give 5 priority runs throughout the event which enable them to skip the normal queue for skills challenges. Teams are not limited on the number of skills challenges they complete but once they have exhausted their skills runs they will need to wait in line to complete skills. These 5 priority runs are for either driver or programming skills (there are NOT 5 for programming and 5 for driver skills).

Skills challenges will be open on the Friday afternoon from 13:30 to 17:30 for teams which have completed inspection and check in. 


Design Notebooks

Teams who would like their notebooks considered for the 2017 NZ Nationals must submit their design notebook to KIWIBOTS by Friday 17th February 2017 so that the judging panel has time to evaluate all of the entries. Teams who have been selected for an interview will be notified shortly before Nationals start and will be given a interview time once the match list has been released. Teams submitting design notebooks should read the following Q&A: https://www.vexforum.com/index.php/24697-computer-as-engineering-notebook. KIWIBOTS will be following the rules and same submission criteria as the World Championships. If you are mailing your design notebook, please send them to the following address

Hayden Wilson
C/O SEAT, Massey University 
229 Dairy Flat Highway
(PH: 09 213 6578)


Consent Forms

Consent forms will be required by all students, teachers, mentors, parents, volunteers and anybody else who will be either in the team pit or near the fields. These must be filled out and signed and handed into the registration desk at the 2017 NZ Nationals when the team checks-in or via email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before the 23rd February 2017. Participants who do not sign this form will not be allowed entry into the event/venue until they have signed a consent form.

Consent forms can be downloaded from https://kiwibots.co.nz/consentform 


Health and Safety

Health and safety is paramount to KIWIBOTS and will be enforced at the 2017 NZ Nationals. Along with signed consent forms; teams will need to ensure that all participants have adequate safety glasses at the event and be wearing them at all times. Participants without safety glasses will be barred entry from the event until they have safety glasses for their own protection.

Safety glasses will be available for purchase at the event however only cash will be accepted.



Interested volunteers are encouraged to sign up to volunteer at https://kiwibots.co.nz/volunteer



This event will be live streamed to an online provider. The live stream can be viewed from https://kiwibots.co.nz/stream

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