KiwiChallenge EDR: Knot a Problem


Knot a Problem follows the standard VEX game parameters- Four (4) robots in two (2) alliances, in a head to head challenge for a duration of two minutes (2:00). Since this is an introductory level game, there is no autonomous period.

The goal of Knot a Problem is to score more than your opposition alliance by moving your alliances ‘Knots’ into one of three (3) types of goal, while navigating on field challenges. The three (3) goal types are: your own alliance starting tile, Jetties and Piers. Each are worth a different amount of points. In the last 30 seconds you may introduce a bonus ‘Noodle.’ This acts as either a goal doubler or negator for the Jetties and Piers, depending on if it’s extended or contracted.

We are also allowing 3D printing as part of the KiwiChallenge. For all rules please read the Game Manual. Good Luck and Enjoy the season!

The 2016 KIWI Challenge reveal video can be found here.

The 2016 KIWI Challenge manual can be found here. (Updated 31/03/2016)
Appendix I: Super Kit Contents is located here.
Appendix II: Field Assembly Guide is located here. (Updated 31/03/2016)
Appendix III: Robot Skills Challenge is located here
Drawing files for the Pier and Jetty are here.

KiwiChallenge Jr: Sparking the Gap

Manual V1

With the introduction of KiwiChallenge Junior we want reduce the gap between VEX and other similar educational robot programmes. For this reason KiwiChallenge Junior is open to both VEX IQ robots and LEGO MINDSTORM robots.

The idea of “Sparking the Gap!” is to move lanterns from their starting position, at the far side of the field, into the goals, at the midway mark. The Lanterns can be scored in either a raised position or on the floor. Once all Lanterns have been moved to a scored position, teams can introduce the Noodle. For the Noodle to be considered scored, it must be expanded and then placed between the two goal platforms.

Also for the first time ever we’re allowing 3D printed assemblies to be used in game.

For all rules please read the Game Manual.

Good luck to all teams!


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