Competing at the a KIWIBOTS event is easy! Monthly "scrimmages" are held in most regions (Auckland/Palmerston North/Christchurch) and any team is welcome to to along to the event provided they have a robot. These monthly competitions give the teams a change to compete alongside other teams to become tournament champions, or gain a number of awards including Design and Excellence!

To attend a competition, all you will need to have is a ready robot, the list of local competitions can be found under Event Calendar. Some events will require registration and this information will be provided in the event details if you click on the event on the calendar. The schedule will also be found in these details so that you know what time to turn up! Before being able to turn up, you'll need to get a VRC team number which is used to identify you at all events, this is either a four or five digit number which you should remember.

Once at the event, you'll need to find yourself a pit, this is where you'll be able to make repairs, program the robot and charge batteries as well as store items you'll need for the day. There'll be volunteers around each day who will be happy to help if you're confused or unsure about anything. After finding a pit and setting up, you'd need to either register or check-in when the announcement is made across the PA. This ensures the event organisers know that you are attending and wish to be apart of the matches going on. Just before the matches begin you will be given a list of all matches where you will need to find your team number in each of the matches so that you know when to be on fields, it's a good bit of advice to always show up to matches on time as you'll help make everyone's day that bit easier!

Information about the 2016-2017 VRC games can be found in the Events page.

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